Welcome to the Lunapaint website!


Lunapaint is a new paint application based on libSDL which aims to give the graphicians out there a similar tool to Aura, TVPaint, PersonalPaint and DeluxePaint. This site is currently under early construction, so do not expect too much.
Lunapaint is Open Source, released under the LGPL license. The license is available in the source code archive.


The official website is underway... - 08 Aug 2005
The official website is now under construction. The news and content from the old site at http://www.sub-ether.org (new window) will be replicated here. Please accept my appologies for the horrid design at present =)


* lunapaint-0.4.2.tar.gz


m0ns00n@gmx.net - Main author

Also pay a visit on #lunapaint, irc.freenode.net